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I've been using Sage Timeslips 2020 for our billing. However, the firm dissolved at the end of last year and one partner has created a new firm ( Let's say Partner A) and one the other one joined an established firm. I continue to work with Partner A and will begin implementing TS Anywhere as of 02/1/24.  I want to import clients and old invoices from Partner A without bringing the other partner's information.

How do I bring import this information to TS Anytime? I did some serching and found a very similar post so I'm trying to create a new databased based on the current one but I keep getting an error. See below.

Sage Timeslips has encountered an error

Unable to create database TSReg

Area: System Error

Error Code: n/a

Class: Exception


Date: 1/20/2024

Time: 12:46:47 PM


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    Hello  , welcome to the Community.

    I am unclear why you are trying to create a new database based on current. You should be able to export what you need from your current database. If you feel you want to "protect" your existing database for some reason, just back it up and restore it to a new database (effectively copying it), and export from that one.

    Sounds like the "only export accounts for Attorney A" will be the challenge for you. Do you have any way to identify those in the old database? If not, you may want to create a custom field to use as a filter. 

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    As Nancy stated, your best bet would be to just backup the current database to preserve the information, and restore to a new duplicate database to start working.  After that, you can go through the process of closing the clients that Partner A will not be keeping, and then purging that info from this duplicate database.

    At that point you will have both an archival copy of the 2020 data and a clean set of data to be brought over to Timeslips Anywhere that can be imported within the limitations that exist.

    I would suggest just bringing over clients, references, tasks, expenses, unbilled time and outstanding invoice transactions.