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Announcing Sage Timeslips Premium January 2021 – Service Release

What's New

  • Running Balance field available on the Accounts Receivable List shows how each transaction affects the client’s balance.
  • My Week/My Month views for the Time and Expense Slip List allow you to see slips for the current week or for the current month for the logged in timekeeper.
  • Slip Proof selection filter for Time and Expense Slip List and related reports lets you include or exclude slips on proof stage.
  • New Slip Type selection filter for Billing Assistant, bills, and worksheets lets you include or exclude all time slips or all expense slips.

This latest release also includes resolution to issues reported, which will improve performance and your overall Sage Timeslips experience. More information about this release can be found in the Sage Timeslips Release Notes.

Download instructions

Important: If you use third-party products that integrate with Sage Timeslips, check with the vendor of your third-party product to ensure their product is fully compatible with this release. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible. 

Download the software from Sage Knowledgebase: Download Sage Timeslips Premium January 2021 Service Release

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