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Discover the best-kept secrets of Sage Timeslips: The features you didn't know you needed!

Despite being highly requested by customers, some of our most time-saving and insightful features1 remain under the radar of many users. Let's delve into some of these hidden gems that not only amplify productivity but also simplify your workflow. From web-based timekeeping to ensuring your billing precision, these features are designed to help maximize the time you spend in Timeslips and realize better billing outcomes.


Take your timekeeping mobile

Did you know there’s no need to wait until you’re back at your desk to record time, tasks, and expenses—or even start a file on a new client? Sage Timeslips eCenter generates time slips over the web or a mobile device in real time. Serve your clients better by giving them direct access to review their accounts:


  • Cloud time-tracking web application
  • Capture time, tasks, expenses, and new client files–anytime, anywhere
  • Generate time slips on any web or mobile device


Remove the hassle of billing corrections

Have you or your billing specialist experienced the dread of realizing you need to undo a bill that is not available to undo? Of course, you have! What are your current options? Issue a credit? Sure, but what if your client wants to see all the details and corrections? You are tasked with the tedious process of recreating the entire bill. No more! With Undo Multiple Bills2 you can undo a bill that is not currently in the traditional undo bill stage.


Get quick insights into the billable hours for all timekeepers

Our Week View feature is a weekly timesheet you can use to quickly review time for all timekeepers in your firm. Set minimum hours for timekeepers so missing time is highlighted for each day or the week. Help hold staff accountable for billable hours!


Fee profitability insights

How profitable are your flat fees? Are you losing money with flat fees? You don’t know what you can’t see. Our Flat Fee Analysis Report changes all that. The report displays slip and flat fee values for clients with flat fee billing arrangements. Use this report to compare the billing arrangement amount to the original slip value on both a current and a historical basis.


How to gain access to the latest features and functionality in Sage Timeslips

If you’d like to start using any of the features and functionality highlighted in this article and you’re not seeing them in your copy of Timeslips simply reach out to our team at 800.285.0999 to upgrade to the latest version of Timeslips Premium.


1 To take advantage of these great features make sure you’re on the latest release of Sage Timeslips Premium.

2The 'Undo Multiple Bills' functionality is an exclusive feature of the Timeslips Premium Elite tier, and is available from the time you upgrade going forward.