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Announcing Sage Timeslips Premium September 2023 Service Release

The Sage Timeslips Premium September 2023 Service Release (Build is now available! The enhancements in this release aim to make the time you spend tracking billable hours and billing clients faster, easier, and more intuitive. We’re excited to bring them to you as a benefit of your subscription. They’re driven by your feedback and by the continuous quality assurance testing of our Development team.  


What's New 

  • Fewer clicks and less scrolling with improved slip view efficiencies
    • When viewing the Time and Expense Slip List, each slip’s description is now directly visible right in the list. With all the details presented in a single view, your slip review process just got faster!
    • Quickly view slips by day, week, or month for all timekeepers. Jump between day, week, or month views in the Time and Expense Slip List with ease for all timekeepers in one click. Plus, you can now move through the previous or next group of slips for each time frame.
  • Run all your tasks in Timeslips seamlessly using the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. Now you can send bills, bill reprints, statements, and payment receipts by email when using a 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook, no more switching between versions!
  • Plan your attack on billing problems head-on. Discover a potential billing issue while using the Billing Troubleshooter? You can now print a detailed report for each hiccup, making it easier to see and address any billing issues.
  • Understand the format and delivery of each bill in an instant. Get an at-a-glance view of the bill layout and email template used for each client right from the Billing Assistant.
  • Ensure every bill is crystal clear and reconciled for easy understanding. When clients easily understand their bills, they tend to pay them faster. On bills that consolidate multiple projects, you can now show total amounts for escrow replenishments on individual projects that match the totals in Project Summary so every bill is crystal clear and reconciled for easy understanding.
  • Streamline your statement process. When generating statements, you can now zero in on clients with outstanding balances above a designated amount. For example, you can now set the threshold at $500 to focus solely on clients who owe over $500, helping you prioritize collections.
  • Get a clearer view of WIP. With our enhanced Aged WIP with Contact Info report, you can now filter the Aged WIP report to show either Fees WIP or Costs WIP to get a clearer view by focusing on just fees or costs. Perfect for firms that monitor them separately.
  • New Ideas Portal. We know you’ve got great ideas and now viewing, submitting, and voting on them just got easier! Now you can access the Sage Timeslips Premium Ideas Portal from anywhere at any time—from a bookmark on your browser, from the help menu in Timeslips Premium, or from the Quick Links menu in Sage Community Hub. Get involved, share your thoughts, and let’s make Sage Timeslips even better, together. Who knows, you might just see your idea come to life in a future release!


You can find more information about this release in the Sage Timeslips Release Notes. 


Download instructions 

Important: If you use third-party products that integrate with Sage Timeslips, check with the provider of that third-party product to ensure it is fully compatible with this release. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible. 

Download the software from Sage Knowledgebase: Sage Timeslips Download Portal 


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Many of our new features and enhancements come from customer suggestions. We’d love to hear yours! Share your ideas or vote on the ideas that others have submitted on the Sage Community Hub.


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To review enhancements delivered in past service releases, open our What’s New overview by selecting Help > What’s New in your Sage Timeslips application.