Chart of Accounts Importing Issues

About a month ago I took a new position as an office manager/bookkeeper for a metal foundry.  We used Sage Premium 2016 not connected to the internet to prevent hackers. once 2023 began we realized my predecessor never closed out 2021 so I could not continue until I closed it. I started getting an error message and it would not close out. Owner decided to purchased Sage Cloud Accounting subscription to replace our outdated version. Salesperson explained to him that it was technically a downgrade because it was lower than the premium version even if it was newer. So now setting up everything has fallen on me and I need it done ASAP. Data was non transferrable because of the downgrade technicality. So, I exported our Chart of Accounts from Sage 2016 and used the CSV template to input information. At first, I kept getting a single error message that I had a blank column heading that I did not have. Then when I started over again it tells me that it will accept the category "SALES" in cell 5,6 & 7 but not 8.9.&10. It is entered exactly the same. I've tried to get help from the chat feature and was told that it was an accounting question. I'm sorry but I cannot call my accountant and ask why the software isn't allowing me to import my chart of accounts.

I have a lot less categories now, but I made sure to change the old categories into the new ones that I had to choose from. Finally, since I was hoping to finish this weekend, so I won't have another week without any accounting software continuing to get behind I started entering them all manually one by one.

I need to figure out how to make the import work for vendors, customers, bills etc. I've wasted so much time already. Has anyone else had this problem importing and figured it out?