"New Order" entry is missing from Sage Cloud Accounting?


So, my business was using Sage Premium 2016 accounting and it was really out of date. So, we decided to switch to Sage Cloud Accounting.

We are a company that takes purchase orders then enters them as a new order and then later invoices that order when shipping. This was possible to do on the older version of Sage. Now I can't seem to find where we would enter a new order. 

There is a section for quotes and invoice and that's it. Should I try to enter a new order as a "firm quote"? Or do we not have an advanced enough version of Sage? Is there another higher cloud version with this option?

Tried contacting Sage and didn't really get an answer. If quoting is not going to work for us, we need to upgrade. 

Open to any ideas anyone has or if your version has this feature what version is it?