Introducing a new feature in Sage 200 Evolution version to allow custom decimal places for exchange rates

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Until before the release of version, Sage 200 Evolution did not have the ability to change the decimal places for an exchange rate. The standard decimal places default is 6. With the release of Sage 200 Evolution version, customers are now able to specify the preferred decimal places specifically for an exchange rate. 

Decimal places can be customized under Inventory | Maintenance | Inventory Defaults | General tab as seen below. These include selling prices, cost prices and quantities. This excludes exchange rates.


Sage 200 Evolution has now implemented a new feature to allow for the specification of decimal places on exchange rates. 

How to change decimal places for an exchange rate. 

To change the exchange rate decimal places, navigate to Common | Maintenance | Company details | General tab


The default exchange rate decimal setting is still 6. If the database is upgraded from an older version to, you will still have your exchange rate with 6 decimals.


When changing the exchange rate to 2 decimals, the current setup of exchange rate decimals will be updated to 2 automatically.


To make use of the exchange rate decimal feature an upgrade to version of Sage 200 Evolution or higher will be required.