Sage 200 Evolution Software Development Kit (SDK) and API - Background Information

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This Sage City BLOG discusses essential background information about the Sage 200 Evolution SDK as well as the Sage API offering.

Company Database Integration Options

There are two options for integrating an external application with an Evolution company:

  • Sage 200 Evolution SDK
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

A. Evolution SDK

Evolution SDK Defined

The Evolution Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides a bridging platform that allows the integration of external applications with Sage 200 Evolution companies.

The SDK consists of a single DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file called Pastel.Evolution.dll

This file is a type of program dictionary and is referenced by the 3rd party developer in his project to integrate the external application with Evolution.

Finally, also note that the Evolution SDK is not installed in the conventional way as access to the locally saved (abovementioned) DLL file is all that is needed.

Why use the Evolution SDK?

As mentioned above, the Sage 200 Evolution SDK is used to integrate your Evolution company with any 3rd party external application.

With the Evolution SDK your external application integration setup can be used to either extract data from the Evolution company database tables or update it as imported from an external application.

For example, it can be used to integrate an external, custom Point of Sale program with Sage 200 Evolution. Also note that the Evolution SDK can even be used to setup an integration with websites (e.g., online commercial sites).

Understanding the basic functions of the Evolution SDK

To integrate a program with an Evolution company bridging software  will have to be developed between the external program and Evolution. This would require a software developer to write an integration program that acts as the bridge and that is separate from the Evolution SDK DLL file.

The Evolution SDK has all the (built-in) commands (methods) for the 3rd party developer to navigate the various Evolution intricacies: database update rules, database structure, constraints, complexities, and different validations when e.g., posting data transactions.

This means the developer can now use the SDK to identify and illuminate the various above-mentioned Evolution intricacies. He can therefore simply make use of the specific required SDK’s built-in commands (methods) to build his own integration/bridge software.

Also note that, for an inflowing data integration scenario, while the SDK is processing the actual posting it simultaneously performs internal checks to validate if e.g., all required fields are included in the integration as well as in the correct format.

Viewing the current Evolution SDK’s version

To view the currently applied Evolution SDK file version, right click on the SDK DLL file (Pastel.Evolution.dll) and select Properties. The version number is displayed on the Details tab.

Evolution SDK Getting Started: Download and Additional Resources

a) Main Evolution SDK site

    Open the following link for the main Evolution SDK Development site:                                 


b) Downloading the Evolution SDK

  Clients can download the Evolution SDK from the Development Zone webpage by selecting the ‘Downloads’ option as marked above

c) Evolution User Guide

   Open the following link for instructions on getting started:

d) Open the link below for the Evolution chm file that contains all the available classes.

  Note that after downloading the chm file the properties may be set to ‘Blocked’. Therefore, right click on the file, select Properties, and then select Unblock.

e) For the Version 10 chm release, open the following link:

f) Open the link below to access the Sage Marketplace

  This link include a list of business partners who develop customize integrations with Evolution.

Licensing of the Evolution SDK

The .NET Sage 200 Evolution SDK is available on all versions.

Refer to the information below regarding the .NET SDK with a Demo key to use and test its functionality for one month.

The Sage Evolution SDK has two license requirements:

a) SDK Developer License

The SDK Developer License is purchased by the 3rd party developer which allows him to use the SDK DLL file to develop or integrate any number of third-party applications with Evolution.       

When purchasing the SDK Developer License a serial number beginning with DE***** is issued and an authorization key is generated by the Sage Registrations Department. This registration code is issued for the serial number as used in the connection string.

With the SDK Developer License a one user Evolution license is also provided that includes the SDK Connector which allows for testing of the integration.

b) SDK Connector License

The SDK Connector License is required by the end-user who purchases the integration application from the 3rd party developer of the required integration with Evolution. This  allows the user to make a connection between the 3rd party application and Evolution.

Evolution SDK DLL File

The Sage Evolution SDK DLL is Evolution version dependent. This means that if you’re using e.g. Evolution version 7.10, the SDK Version number will also have to begin with 7.10, for Evolution 7.20 the SDK version should also start with 7.20, etc.

Open the following link for Evolution SDK version which will be compatible with any Evolution version 7.10 package.

Open the following link for Evolution SDK version which will be compatible with any Evolution Version 7.20 package.

If you are using a different version of Evolution refer to the User Guide and download the specific version from the Downloads page.

Evolution SDK Demonstration Registration

A demonstration registration profile can be obtained for the Evolution SDK. As with a normal registration profile, it consists of a serial number and authorization code to analyze and test the functionality available in the Evolution SDK.

Demo registration requests can be sent to [email protected]

B. Application Programming Interface (API)

As mentioned above, using an API connection is another way of integrating an Evolution company with an external application.

Sage’s own product version of API is specifically called FreedomSDK or 'Freedom Service' and is also categorized as a REST API (RESTful API) software type.

It has been introduced since Evolution version 9 and although being free of charge, its functionality is limited and not as extensive as the Evolution SDK.

The FreedomSDK / Freedom Service runs as a service within Windows Services and is an optional install in the Evolution Install Wizard.

Support Contact Details

Please contact Evolution SDK Support if you require any assistance on any Evolution SDK and API queries, by sending an email to: [email protected]

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