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Hi. I have a customer who uses projects for everything. The question is, when pulling a report ie. Income Statement project report, what figures are pulling through to make up the balances. If you run a report that holds information for a project that is 3 years old, are you getting a 3 year total to date, or are you getting a total to date for this year only? Thank you.

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    Good day.

    Project income statement reports display the income and expenditure.
    Two-Year Income Statement will display the income and expenditure for 2 years.
    Standard Income Statement and Periodic Income Statement will only provide this year's totals.

    Please see the table below for the project report:

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    Thank you EagleV. This is - of course - the very first place I would have gone for an answer.  

    Which is why I need more information on the income statement report, as per my above question.

    "Project income statement reports display the income and expenditure."

    This explanation provides no answer to my question. I understand that the help file has always been limited, I pretty much know the help file backwards.

    If you don't know, then can you find out from someone who does, to give me an answer.

    I need an answer with haste my dear person. The customer is waiting on an answer.

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    Good day PastelTrainer.

    Please take note that Project Income Statement Reports only include transactions processed with a specific project code and do not include VAT amounts.

    When the journal is processed, the reports for the project's income statement will show with both accounts chosen.

    Please refer to the examples below:

    Project Income statement report:

    You can drill down on the amount to see the full transaction which will be pulled from the Project Detail ledger report :

    A full amount will be shown in the accounts. Any transactions that are processed, such as sales transactions with projects, may cause the account to either increase or decrease depending on the nature of the transaction.

    Customer invoice: If you create a sales transaction (customer invoice) and assign it a project code, the project income statement reports will show that transaction under the sales. 

    The sales account is adding the invoice transactions excluding VAT.

    Drilling down reveals the Project Detail Ledger with all transactions processed and VAT included.

    The total amounts on the Project Income statement report are made up of transaction amounts excluding VAT