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Managing Sage City real-time notifications

Did you know that you can switch on notifications so that you’re alerted when new discussions and questions are posted on the Sage City forums? It’s easy to do, just follow these few steps:

 Turning on General Discussion and Announcements, News, and Alerts notifications

  1. From the <product name> page menu bar, click Forums.
  2. To get the latest information on <product name>, click Announcements, News, and Alerts. To be notified when questions and knowledge-sharing posts are added, click General Discussion.
  3. To switch on notifications, click Turn Forum notifications on. If you see Turn notifications off, you already have notifications switched on.

  Following posts or questions on Sage City forums

  1. Open the post or question you want to follow.
  2. From the right-hand side of the window, click Turn Reply notification on. If you see Turn Reply notification off, you’re already following the post or question