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UIF declaration error -8202 UIF number invalid

8202 UIF number invalid, is an error you may experience when submitting your UIF declaration. 

This error message indicates that you did not either capture the following:

  • Your UIF Payment reference number OR
  • Your UIF Registration number 

All you need to do to solve this error is click on the Company>> Company details and capture the relevant details. 

An example of how your UIF details should be captured: 

Additional Information:

  • UIF Payment Reference Number: This is the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payment reference number used when making payments to SARS. If you have a PAYE number, then this number is the same number as the PAYE number, but replace the 7 at the beginning of the number with ‘U’. If you do not have a PAYE number, then leave this number blank.  You can also find your UIF reference number on your EMP201 form OR on your tax clearance certificate.
  • UIF Registration Number (Dept of Labour): Enter the UIF registration as issued to you by the Department of Labour.

Sharon-AME Country Lead