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New feature | Employment Verification from Sage

We are delighted to announce the release of our new Employment Verification Service (EVS), designed to streamline employee requests through a secure, digital service. 


What is Employment Verification? 

Employment Verification is a new, free service  which offers huge value to you and your employees by simplifying the loan application process by automating and controlling the sharing of employee & pay information with a lender in a secure environment. 

It makes the application process easy & stress free for your team and significantly reduces the admin you have to complete to deal with information requests.  


What are the benefits?
Employees, employers, and Financial Service providers can all benefit from using Employment Verification through a secure, automated service provided by Sage.


Benefits for Employees:

Employees can enjoy peace of mind, supported by a secure, fully digital process.

  • Ensure employment and income data is secure, reducing the potential for fraud.
  • Controlled consent to share data directly from Sage Payroll products for loan applications, mortgages and more.
  • Save time with a fully digital process – there’s no need to produce hard copies of payslips or manually share other information.


Benefits for Employers:

Employers can reduce the burden of manual requests and improve the experience for colleagues.

  • Provide employees with direct access to their individual payroll data for credit and other applications, eliminating the need for manual payslips to be provided.
  • Save time, resource, and costs by cutting out the hassle of sharing hard copy or digital data with employees.
  • Leverage Sage Payroll data for an automated, digital employment verification process that saves time.


Benefits for Financial Service Providers

Financial Service Providers can improve speed and accuracy when approving credit applications.

  • Access to secure and reliable information from a trusted and secure source.
  • Improved decision making with accurate and up-to-date pay information.
  • Deliver a much better customer experience by speeding up the process, reducing stress for the applicant.



Sign-up now 

How do I sign-up? 

As a Sage VIP Classic, or Premier customer, it's as easy as updating to the latest product version and signing in or signing up for a Sage ID. 

For more information on the benefits of this service and Sage ID, please take a look at our Sage Guide to Employment Verification

Should you have any further questions, please contact our team by submitting your query online.


Download: Sage Guide to Employment Verification.pdf