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Secure your data with 2-Factor Authentication for your Sage ID

Sage is dedicated to creating a culture where customers like you are switched on to cybersecurity and take full advantage of the technologies available to help keep software and data secure. According to a recent Microsoft study, 99.9% of ransomware attacks and fraudulent sign-in attempts can be avoided with one simple action – enabling 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). 


If you already have an account set up to synchronise Employment Verification Service data, and access Sage Community Hub, Sage Knowledgebase or Sage University,  you can setup 2FA on your Sage ID account right now. You can choose from three ways to receive a one-time passcode to verify your details each time you log into your Sage account:

  • Authenticator app (Microsoft Authenticator, Twilio Authy, and Google Authenticator on your mobile device)
  • SMS Text
  • Phone (voice)

  If you’re ready to make your Sage account more secure, enrol in 2FA now.  


Learn more on how to set up and the benefits of 2FA