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Discontinuation of Basic Access Control for Sage VIP Classic and Premier

Access to all the different payroll screens, and the printing of reports, is controlled by Operator Passwords as defined in your company's Access Control.

For each Password the Access Rights to the different screens in the System must be specified. An operator may be assigned Full Rights, View Only Rights, or No Access Rights to a screen or area of the System, and report printing is controlled by security levels.


Basic Access Control allows you to set up passwords for five operators, and to specify which areas of the System may be accessed by each of these operators.

Advanced Access Control allows you to specify unique passwords for many different operators in each Company. For additional security you may also assign a Zone Code to each employee, and operators may only access employees in the zones to which they have access.

Due to future software requirements, we will be removing the Basic Access Control option from the payroll soon.


If you are currently making use of Basic Access Control, we encourage you to set up Advanced Access Control before the system forces you to make the change.


To access the Advanced Access Control Screen from the Main Menu:

  • Click on Company
  • Click on Access Control
  • Click on the Radio Button next to Advanced Access Control

The Advanced Access Control Password Screen will be displayed.

You may <Add>, <Change> or <Delete> Operator Passwords on this screen:

Please access the How to file for detailed steps on how to set up your Advanced Access Control:

  • To access the How to file from the Main Menu:
  • Click on Help
  • Click on How To

To access Advanced Access Control in How To:

  • Click on Company Information
  • Click on Changing Company Details
  • Click on Access Control
  • Click on Advanced Access Control

You can also access the information by clicking here.


Take note: Sage VIP Premier users also  has the option to implement Global Access.


Please contact your Sage Business Partner should you require any assistance in changing the access to your companies or system.