Verification of Payroll Taxes Declaration - EMP501: What do I need to do?

It is that time of the year again and many employers will get a letter requesting supporting documentation after their submission has been sent to SARS.

You will get a letter containing the following content:

SARS requires supporting information that will balance back to your total PAYE, SDL and UIF submitted on your EMP501 recon. This includes information regarding the ETI that was claimed if you do claim ETI. You can print the 12 month history report under History>Reports>12 month history that will provide an overview of the payroll values from March 2022 to February 2023. ETI will require the ETI details such us an ETI Detail Report (under reports and maintenance Real number 764) or you can use the ETI export option (Interfaces > Import Data > Utility Imports > ETI take-on and select Export)

Once you have these reports, log onto eFiling with the user details that has access to respective taxpayer/company. On the left hand side under SARS Correspondence, click on Search Correspondence. There you will find the link to the letter Verification of Payroll Taxes Declaration - EMP501 with 'View' option to read the letter and then next to it is an 'Upload' button. You will click on the 'Upload' document to send through the various required reports.

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    The verification request from SARS is asking for an ETI report that include Names and ID number of employees as well. ETI Listing report Real nr 764 has ID numbers and names, but no figures. The ETI export has figures, but no ID number of name. Is there a report that contain both please?