So where do we download the Sage 50 CA SDK now?


So now that Sage has overhauled their website, I can no longer find a way to download the SDK. I used to be able to find it on the public facing site, but now they've made sure to make no mention of it. All the old links suggesting how to download the SDK are now obsolete. 

There used to be this link: But it now describes a defunct process. 

I found this page but none of these links will work: Do I need to log in somewhere to enable them? They appear to be blocked. You used to be able to just download them. So what now?

How do we go about getting the SDK these days? This process is never going to end if you have a Sage 50 integration. Every Sage 50 update, I need to do this. The process should be much easier than this.

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    I've been around a while and got it off one of these forum messages years ago and kept the link.  You could have found it directly in the Knowledgebase.  I have an old 2013 file open right now and went to the Knowledgebase from the Help menu and typed in SDK.  Fifth option was for 2021.0.

    Google gave me the correct page as the third result with the search 

    sage 50 canadian sdk 2021

    Sometimes you just have to know the words to use.