• what is mean fields _S1,_S2 and how to access to them..

    Hi i confuse about this field you can see on definition of tables but can not access to them by odbc,i don't know is that fields affect when i run a insert or update sadly the information is spread as must be, for example on Po1_purchaseorderheader WareHouseCode…
  • Developer license to support integration?

    Hello, We own a SaaS company in the construction sector (field operations / project management) and have a number of clients who are using Sage 50 (Canada) for their Accounting. We are looking to integrate with Sage 50 to avoid double entry - mainly…
  • How to convert from Quickbooks desktop to Sage 50 Canada desktop?

    Is there a program/process to allowing data conversion from Quickbooks desktop to Sage 50 Canada desktop?
  • BindingFailure with Sage50SharedUtility.dll error

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SDK 2024.2 in a .Net integration but get error below when trying to connect to the sample db: Managed Debugging Assistant BindingFailure: The assembly loaded from code base file:///C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software…
  • Uploading Sales Invoice into Sage50

    Hi there Currently we are using excel to create invoices for our customers, about 100 per day. We want to send this data to Sage 50 so that we can track the data in Sage50. Currently don't see any option to have the ability to upload/import this data…
  • How to get my user ID

    Hello Everyone. I am trying to connect a third party application to track my companies vehicles. It is asking for my user ID. When I log into my sage 50 2024 edition, I use the sysadmin and then my password. Tis third party app (TripLog) which does support…
  • FINTRAC Compliance Requirements for EFT - UPDATE

    Since November 2023, we’ve been handling additional tasks because Sage and Worldline (Bambora) have shifted these responsibilities to their customers. However, I haven’t received any updates on when we can discontinue creating and sending these files…
  • MIgration Support

    I require technical support, I have received error messages and not sure what to do next
  • Turbo Tax Business Incorporated

    Does Sage 50 Pro Canada work with Turbo Tax Business Incorporated? Thanks

    Hello! We operate our POS on ERPLY. I use Sage 50 for Bookkeeping. I am wondering (hoping) there is a way to download my POS transactions/Daily data into Sage. Thank you in advance.
  • Create Credit Memo programmatically with SDK

    I am developing an application integrating with Sage 50. Is it possible to create Credit Memo with the .NET SDK (version 2024.1) and how can we do it Thanks
  • asking sdk for sage 50

    Hello, I am developing a platform and try to connect the sage 50 SDK, but it doesn't work, how to connect the sage 50 by SDK, and what do need I to do? Thanks.
  • Sage 50 CA Error with SDK "Customer Ofen pay late. see the advice topic Handling Overdue accounts" for suggestion

    hi all, I am getting this error while importing Orders. can anyone suggest how to resolve it?? Sage 50 CA Error with SDK "Customer Ofen pay late. see the advice topic Handling Overdue accounts" for suggestion Thanks, SF
  • is there an api to merge shipping with sage

    we are building an engine to support on line product catalog where we want to integrate shipping, eg. FedEx with Sage
  • Housecall Pro US based Company to Sage 50

    Can I Sync invoice data from Housecall Pro to Sage 50, currently client is using Quickbooks, and I would like to move them to Sage 50
  • Disconnect Sage 50 and paypal account

    Hi All, We connect our paypal account to Sage 50, but our manager want to disconnect this account and reconnect to a new paypal account, when I click disconnt buttom, it shows: Sorry, we were unable to disconnect your account. Please try again later…
  • Error Message when downloading from Sage Business Cloud into Sage 50 desktop

    When downloading invoices/payments from Sage Cloud into our desktop Sage50 I get an error message that says: The total of the payment amount and the discount taken on this line cannot exceed the amount owing. The payment is for one invoice for the full…
  • Sage 50 Pro Accounting in Windows 11

    Is Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021.1.1 compatible with Windows 11? What is the latest version I should download?
  • Looking for SDK developers.

    Greetings, We're looking to contract a Sage Partner to help us provide a way to: - Export from Sage 50 CAD all posted invoices - Create in Sage 50 CAD a payment receipt against a given invoice We've seen that there are no API endpoints for this…
  • Self-Seal Computer Cheque Envelope compatibility with cheques?

    From the Services -> Cheques and Forms menu, Sage 50 send me here as an option to order self-sealing cheque envelopes: D+H business cheques . However, almost no details are given about the measurements of the windows on the envelope. Does anyone know…
  • SDK add inventory with vendor

    Hi, I am fairly new to SDK. I am using C# Framework 4.8 (since there seems to have no support for .Net 7) Anyway main issue is the customer is asking to upload products linked with the vendors and inventory qty from our system to Sage. I found…
  • E-mail

    Hello, this is my problem : emails written in French (with accented letters) are going from sage 50 to outlook no problem, but are arriving at the recipient with "?" in place of accented letters. How can I fix it? Thank you
  • Quadrient - Beanworks

    Has anyone on here used Beanworks for AP automation? I'm looking for some feedback on it. I am playing around with it as well as AutoEntry to decide which will work better for us. Would love any comments from experienced users. Thanks!
  • CRM integration with Sage 50 Canadian Edition

    Is there any known integration software that works with Sage 50 Canadian Edition and Sage CRM, or any other CRM product?
  • cloud issues

    ok let me start off by saying im not tech savey i want to be able to do cloud backup , but keep getting this error Troubleshooting details If you contact your administrator, send this info to them. Copy info to clipboard…