Balance sheet Wording


Take a look at the Capital Assets Totals

My Balance Sheet generates the amounts correctly but the wording is confusions.

Under the Capital Assets section there are two totals.  "Total Current Assets" and  "Total Capital Assets" both lines have the same amount because it's calculating the total amount of capital assets. I would like to change the wording so both indicate Total Capital Assets. How can I update the wording of this line.

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    Since it looks like you are using Sage 50 Canada, I am going to move this post to that Support Group so that other users of this software will see it and can offer you their thoughts and insight.

    In case it helps, here's an article on how to change a General Ledger account's name.



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    Hi - Your headings and total headings should be the same wordings but sorted by Types. Heading types are 'H' and Total types are 'T'. It also looks like you have 2 Total Non Current Assets lines. Remove the duplicated line at bottom that says 'Total Current Assets' and reorganize your Headings and Total as per below:

    Current Assets is H

    Total Current Assets is T


    Non-Current Assets is H

    Total Non-Current Assets is T


    Inventory Assets is H

    Total Inventory Assets is T


    Capital Assets is H

    Total Capital Assets is T

    Let me know if that solves your situation or if you have other questions.