• Reports and Forms

    Hello, While adding a text box to a form is there a way to wrap text in the text box? I've searched and the only post about it is 10 years old. I was hoping there has been an update since.
  • Inventory Item Descriptions

    I sell cabinets and countertops and am having trouble getting Sage to do what I want. I would like to create a non-stocked inventory item called cabinets, so that when I enter item #1 in my sales quote form it populates the description with the following…
  • Customizing Forms

    Hello, just looking for general advice on customizing forms. Finding it really difficult to deal with Sage 50's archaic report form editor, E.g. limited data fields, arbitrary margins, text boxes changing size even when slowly moving them, etc. I'm…
  • Import Purchases

    Hi Is there any Import Templates to import transactions into Sage 50? I made the following in csv file and change the extension of the file to .imp but when I try to import it gives an version error. 30001 1 …
  • Filling GST/PST in Quebec online: what numbers do I punch into the Government remittance form

    I am trying to pay my GST/PST on my online banking in Quebec, but I don't know what numbers to punch in from my tax report from Simply software, I need to know what numbers to put for number 105, 108, 111, 113, 205, 208, 211, 213 Can anyone help me…
  • Sage File Name

    I have recently created a number of new Sage files and input trial balances for the companies. Two of these company files do not have quite the right name on them and it will get them mixed up with other companies. Is there a way to change the name on…
  • custom forms

    When I customize an invoice and then try to save it. Sage tells me that I need permision. if I save to an existing form it tells me that the file is read only. I am the system administrator, so I don't know how to get any higher permission than that.
  • invoices

    I have 2 companies run under the same parent company. Is there a way to have a designated invoice for each company with a different logo in the same instance of SAGE 50?
  • How do I make it so that the Entitlements that we use to track sick days do not get printed onto the paycheque or stub?

    Right now I use the entitlements tab in the paycheque journal to track sick days, flex days, vacation days (in addition to the vacation tab) etc. These are not actual defined entitlements in the contracts of the employees. I am just using this tab to…
  • Pro forma invoices in Sage 50 Pro Canadian edition

    Hi, I have Sage 50 Pro Canadian Edition, 2022.4, and I am trying to create a Pro Forma invoice but there does not appear to be any way of doing this. Has anyone solved this problem?
  • I need to create a custom invoice data field for my invoices.

    I am owner/operator and I charge for a tip on the invoices I send out to corporate customers. This is not an revenue... I collect the tip value and pay it our in cash to myself. I need to record this amount but not as an employee. How can I do this?
  • Reports & Forms - Payroll

    Hello Group, I hope you can help me figure this out. I had a computer crash and when information was transferred to my new computer it had knocked out all of my Customized Forms in Sage. I have redone Invoice, AP Cheque, & CR Receipts and had no problems…
  • Problem Adding Logo to Invoice

    I am a new SAGE 50 customer. I am trying to setup our invoice with a company logo. I have followed step-by-step instructions for adding a logo to an invoice. When I select the logo I want to add (a JPG file, although I have also tried BMP, PNG, GIF),…
  • Draft Budget for Next Year

    Hello, I would like to create a draft budget for next year. I am working on Sage Pro Accounting 50 Canada 2024. I have gone to the maintenance tab and all I see is the create a new budget. thank you for any advice
  • Revenue by channel and product

    How do I record my sales of various stores (channels) and get product detail? This will allow me to see what is selling in which store. Thanks
  • Can I copy custom forms?

    Hello. I've customized the sales quote form to my liking (company's logo, font size, data fields, colour, etc.) I would like to use that same look (template) for customers orders, invoices and supplier orders, while only changing the relevant data…
  • Customer A/R Invoice formula in the total

    Good morning. As of 2/11/2024 New York State has implemented a new law regarding credit card fees. You can no longer note "A credit card processing fee of 3.5% will be added to all invoices paid by credit card." Now you must list the invoice cash…
  • Forms

    I am wanting to change some forms around, but it is telling me that all my forms have been corrupted, so I can't change anything. Is there somewhere I can re dowload the forms?
  • Journal Entries Entries upload from excel file

    Hi Good day, Can I be able to upload an excel file journal entry into Sage 50? if so, can you please tell me the process and the formatting? Thank you so much! Florence
  • Customize Invoices

    I use Sage 50 Canada for a Dental lab so my customers are Dentists. Each invoice belongs to one of the dentist's patients. I need a field on the invoice for the patients name, can anyone suggest how to do this so when I print a report or statement it…
  • Purchases Journal

    How do I add additional accounts to the "Paid From"
  • Ship Date

    I have customized my invoices for my company but when reviewing my print out it's not putting in my ship date only the due date. How do I fix this? I have Sage 50 2020.
  • Customs Chart of Accounts

    Is there any way to further customized the chart of accounts. Eg.: Fixed assets: account # 0000 - 0999 Revenues: account # 8000 - 8999 Cash and banks: account # 1000 - 1100 And so on. Basically, I would need different asset / liabilities / etc…
  • Creating custom reports for Sage 50 desktop

    I need to create custom reports as the ones available in the software are very limited (whatever happened to the custom report writer?). Looking for solutions.
  • Fonts

    How do I install a font that is not in the list? Is it possible?