Only one side of journal entry showing

Having opened 2 new (savings) bank accounts, I created a journal entry to transfer an amount to each from my chequing account.  However, the chequing account balance reflects the proper amount after the transfers, but the new accounts still show a zero balance.  Where did the other side of the transaction go??

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    Go into the chequing general ledger and find the JE that shows the amount you withdrew from chequing. Double click on that JE nbr to open up the journal entry. That will show you the GL accts you used and the date.

    Hopefully that helps.

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    Thanks for your suggestion.  I knew which account I transferred to, but the balance of the new account doesn't appear on the Banking home page.  I have figured out where I went wrong, though.  On the "Add Account" screen, it says, "You should only record an opening balance here, if you're transferring from a different accounting system."  I took that to mean that I shouldn't add the opening balance because I wasn't transferring from a different accounting system.  I thought a JE to transfer would work, but .... no.  Went back and entered an opening balance.