• How do you ensure that the bank feed reference imports correctly?

    I bank with RBC and am new to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. I have set Sage up to automatically import bank feeds. It worked fine at first (except will only update once per day) but today it imported transactions with the incorrect Reference compared…
  • Withholding tax

    Dear team How do you classify Withholding tax on both customers and suppliers. How is it recorded in Sage Accounting so that it can appear in financial statemnts correctly. Thanks
  • Loan Origination Fees

    Hi Guys, I am trying to figure out how to post my lender fee (loan origination fee) on a mortgage. I have created the loan liability account and an asset account already and created a journal entry crediting the liability and debiting the asset…
  • refund created in error

    How do I reverse a refund? I have to issue a refund to a customer but realized too late that I need to do a VB instead. I started the process for refunding as directed on Knowledge Base but it doesn't trigger a cheque. And I shouldn't have done that because…
  • charging back utilities

    I have to charge my tenant back for Oil, I have paid the invoice, now I want to invoice it back to them. Do I need to record this as a sale? or other income?
  • Technical Error

    Is anyone else currently having an issue logging into the Sage Cloud Accounting due to Technical Error?
  • Outage

    Anyone else unable to log in? I thought the outage would be done by now (5:44pm MST) and the status update page says everthing is working as should on North America...so frustrating.
  • How do you change the amount of your accounts closing balance for months that you did not use the program?

    We started using Sage Business Cloud in October. Prior to this we were using just spreadsheets for our accounting system. When setting up the Sage program I was required to enter the year end date for our business which is a few months before we started…
  • how to correct / edit transactions in reconciliation - SAGE ACCOUNTING ONLINE

    Two Issues where I cannot correct/edit/void, nor delete an incorrect transaction posted to SAGE ACCOUNTING ONLINE - I have noted my work arounds, but there must be a better ways! 1) I recorded the wrong amount of bank interest in an account, with the…
  • correcting GL Opening balances in new fiscal year

    How do I correct/set/reset the Opening Balances of GL accounts of a new fiscal year to 0? The Opening Balances are carrying forward to this new fiscal year. The period variance is correct for this fiscal year, but the Opening Balance (and therefore…
  • Receipt

    Wondering if there is a way to issue a receipt when accepting deposits/partial payments for invoices instead of just giving an invoice showing partial payment?
  • Tax incorrectly calculated?

    For an invoice that has the following items: Item A @ 359.88$ Item B @ 203.88$ Item C @ 119.88$ the total is 683.64$. If I apply a 5% tax to every item, here's what Sage is doing: Item A @ 359.88$ x 5% = 17.994$ , Sage rounds it at 17…
  • Billable Expenses

    I am new to Sage. How do I enter an expense that is billable to a client?
  • making a journal entry

    What information goes in the reference box, the description box, and the details box when making a journal entry. And how does this information show up on reports?
  • ios app

    Hello, I am having trouble signing in on the sage accounting ios app. It will not login and i cannot remotely add expenses or invoice my customers. Does anyone have any solutions to this ? thank you.
  • Entering previous years

    I need to enter my accounts from Jan 1, 2017 and get them up to date. I have spoken with someone on chat but they say the only way I can do this is import but that implies I have the information to import and I don't. I only have bank statements. I…
  • interest charges

    I am new to sage accounting...i would like to process and bill out interest charges on my outstanding receivables. I can't find where/how to do it. Any insight would be great. thanks
  • Gift Cards

    Could anyone tell me how they process gift cards in Sage Accounting? I tried to do it the way I did it in Sage 50 but I cannot post to a liability account on a Sales invoice. I set up a " bank" called Gift Cards so when goods are purchased with a gift…
  • Bank Feed Transactions showing up reversed

    I am working with a new daycare startup and we started using Sage Accounting software in December. While setting up the books I linked the bank account so we could start using the bank feeds but since the bank requires 2-step verification it was preventing…
  • Recording Quarterly HST

    I have Accounting start CA and used to have Sage Accounting 50. I print out the amount owing for my quarterly HST but I cannot seem to record the amount I charged on HST sale and the HST paid on purchases in this new system for my quarterly payment to…
  • GST/HST no longer an option on my invoices for 2024?

    I've suddenly run into an issue this year when trying to create invoice's and put in the GST/HST. The system is not offering this option yet it is set up in my business
  • New User Validation failed

    Hello, I am having an issue trying to create a new user. Once I send the invitation and they try to accept it they are getting a message that says "Validation failed : Business has already been taken" What does this mean and how do I add another…
  • Recording Payment with a discount

    When recording a payment and applying a discount, the message "remaining balance must not be less than zero" pops up on occasion. I know it is most likely a partial cent that isn't seen on screen but it is quite frustrating to have client accounts open…
  • I have posted a customer receipt from the invoice itself AND via the Create button in the bank account. How do I correct this?

    I have posted a customer receipt from the invoice itself AND via the Create button in the bank account. How do I correct this?
  • Unable to match imported Bank transaction

    I am unable to match an imported Bank transaction (cheque that has cleared) to the vendor invoice that was created. I have never run into this problem and can't figure out what the problem is. The vendor invoice is dated 09/30/23 and appears in the…