• interest charges

    I am new to sage accounting...i would like to process and bill out interest charges on my outstanding receivables. I can't find where/how to do it. Any insight would be great. thanks
  • Uploading Sales Invoice with Multiple Lines (Intacct)

    I am trying to upload a sales invoice with multiple lines as a CSV file, however each lines is coming out as its own separate sales invoice. FYI - I am using the same document number for each line, assuming that would mean each line would go to that…
  • Invoicing

    Hey there! I am wondering if there is a way to manually generate my invoice numbers when I am creating my invoice right in the create an invoice screen? I know that I can change it in my settings but this means that I have to go into my settings every…
  • GST Payable on deductions

    I am an egg producer. On my receipt I get paid for my eggs. Then there are deductions, one for egg levy, and one for shipping and handling. They both have GST charged on them. This GST is an ITC. How do I set that up. For instance Eggs $1000.00 GST…
  • Quick Entry Invoice Number

    How does one add an invoice number to a Bill entered using Quick Entry?

    I have a consulting business. I invoice only hours billed. Is there a way of getting the total hours being billed (ie. total number of items) printed on the invoice?
  • When to enter a Dec 2022 sale, paid by cheque but cheque is deposit in January 2023

    Hello I need to enter a Dec 2022 sale and paid by cheque on Dec 23, 2022 but it was deposited on Jan 12, 2023. Do I enter the payment on the date the cheque was make, or do I enter it on the date the cheque was deposited? Thank you in advance. …
  • Updating/changing invoices after a deposit has been applied and reconciled.

    We're looking at changing over to Sage Online and after watching one of the training videos it mentioned invoices cannot be modified after it has been paid and the payment has been reconciled. Does this restriction apply if only a partial deposit has…
  • Sage Accounting Start - hourly rates?

    Hi, I can't find how to set my hourly rates for products and services I offer. When i go create a new invoice, I can only enter the total amount per row. Is there a way I can enter the number of hours and set my hourly rate? Thanks for your help…
  • How to Mark a $0.00 Sales Invoice as Paid

    How can I mark a $0 Sales Invoice as paid? I had to create this invoice to make a line-item adjustment (items were same price) so my invoice comes to $0.00 and is now marked as outstanding and I want to clear it from 'awaiting payment'.
  • Food & Beverage

    Would love to connect with someone running food & beverage based company through Sage for start up tips/tricks and advice!
  • Recording inventory bought but purchase invoice not received

    Hi, We have 4 POs this month that are for inventory. The inventory has been shipped. I need to enter the purchase invoice, but have not received it yet from the supplier. They send them late sometimes. The shipping documents alerting the customer…
  • How do I set up a Customer rate for hourly billing?

    We are a construction company, and I would like to set up my invoices so that the hourly rate we charge customers auto-populates when I create an invoice. Is there a way to do this?
  • Keep getting kicked out with an error

    Hi everyone, Has anyone else experienced issues where they get kicked out of the software for no reason. I believe there were issues with invoicing and suppliers but that these were rectified 25 days ago, and yet I am still getting these errors…
  • emailing invoices

    why do emailed invoices go to junk?
  • Trade for Services

    I have a client that has a customer that she does trade for services for. Does anyone know how I would be able to do this. When I go to pay the invoice it doesn't give me a trade option. Thanks in advance!
  • Invoice Paid, but not appearing in payments

    I have processed a recurring payment. Unfortunately, the cheque cannot be processed because it had only one signature (requires two). Now, I need to re-issue the cheque. When i pull the recurring invoice, it shows as paid. But when I pull payments…
  • Linking invoices to quotes

    We have issued an invoice to our client and only later started capturing the quotes. Is there any option to link an invoice to a quote if the invoice was not generated from the quote?Or at least mark the quote Accepted and invoiced?
  • returning an item to inventory

    Hi, How do we go about returning an item to inventory? Scenario: We charge a deposit/security fee for the skids our product arrives on. On the invoice we can show 'X number skids' going out with shipment. However, unlike Sage 50, we can't just show…