Uploading Sales Invoice with Multiple Lines (Intacct)

I am trying to upload a sales invoice with multiple lines as a CSV file, however each lines is coming out as its own separate sales invoice. 

FYI - I am using the same document number for each line, assuming that would mean each line would go to that document.

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    We noticed your inquiry about uploading a sales invoice with multiple lines in Sage Intacct. To ensure you receive the most accurate assistance, could you confirm that you are using Sage Intacct? This is important because the solution may differ based on the specific Sage product.

    If you are using Sage Intacct, please be aware that this product has its own dedicated community support platform. You can post your question regarding the CSV upload issue on the Sage Intacct Community for specialized guidance. Here is the link to the community: community.intacct.com

    In the meantime, ensure that the CSV file is formatted correctly, with the document number aligning on each line to consolidate into a single invoice. If you’ve already done this and the issue persists, the community at the provided link should be able to offer further assistance.

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