Mixing 64 bit and 32 bit installations



All of our workstations are running Window 10 Pro 64-bit including our 'server'. 

However, the workstations are running a 32-bit version of Office. So, a couple of questions/scenarios

1, If I update the server to Sage 64-bit Data Manager and keep/update the workstations with the 32-bit version will the workstations still be able to access the data on the server?

2, If I update all machines to Sage 64-bit will the integration with the 32-bit version of Office break?

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    Correct. The only reason we would not have recommended switching to 64 bit Office prior to v30 is because some features of Accounts such as EIR would not work. Now it is entirely up to you which variant of Office you use, we'd just recommend installing the same 'bitness' of Accounts, but even if there is a mismatch, most of the functionality, including EIR, should work

    We've tried hard to make sure that nothing is broken if you have a reason to stick with 32 bit Office but Microsoft have been pushing 64 bit Office for a good while now so best to move to that if you are able to.