• Upgraded to V30 and can't find any attachments/Favourite reports etc

    I have had a nightmare installing V30 from v29 - after uninstalling and re-installing a few times, finally my Sage 50 is working again ... but I have no attachments from previous years, or records of previous bank reconciles or reports that I had created…
  • V30

    If you have a mix of 32bit & 64bit machines on your network what do you do?
  • Mixing 64 bit and 32 bit installations

    Hi, All of our workstations are running Window 10 Pro 64-bit including our 'server'. However, the workstations are running a 32-bit version of Office. So, a couple of questions/scenarios 1, If I update the server to Sage 64-bit Data Manager and…
  • Upgrade Matrix

    Why is this not article not kept up to date any longer? Was always useful when people were upgradeing. Sage 50 Accounts upgrade matrix