Pension Assessment crashes payroll


On several payrolls that have pensions, the assessment screen comes up and all is fine, once the 'close' button is pressed to go back to the payroll, the whole program shuts down and I have to start from scratch again.

This is especially annoying due the time it takes the payroll to load in the first place.  This has been happening now for a long time and is very frustrating as a user.

I can see others have had this problem in the past and I have tried 'optimising' the data on opening the payroll, this worked once, now is back to crashing again!. Does anyone else have this problem and have found a fix, I would be very pleased to hear if so!

Many thanks.

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    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for using Sage City Slight smile

    I notice this query hasn't had a community response.

    Issues such as this are caused by either an issue with the:

    • Installation of the program
    • The data for your company/companies
    • The environment your software is set up in

    If you haven't already done this, I'd advise you download and reinstall the version of the program you're using. You can access the download file and installation instructions on our download and install Sage 50 Payroll guide.

    If the issue persists after a reinstall, use the database utility included with your software to repair your company data.

    After this if the issue persists there may be environmental factors involved. The first thing to check is whether there are any Windows Updates pending on your computer. If there are, save all work and install these, then restart your computer and test payroll again. If your IT support normally help with Windows updates do let them know so they can assist with this.

    If your company data is on a server, you should copy this to your computer's C drive, and check if the issue still occurs.

    If this resolves the issue, move the data back to it's original location and ask your IT support to troubleshoot the data location, as something is preventing Sage 50 Payroll from working correctly.

    If the issue still persists, the next step would be to refresh the Microsoft .NET framework and reinstall payroll.

    We also have an environmental issue guide that you could provide to your IT support if any further troubleshooting is required.

    If this has answered your question please click More > Verify Answer.


    John Howells
    Sage UKI

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    I thought it was an issue with our system but we have now moved to an entirely new hosting provider and it still constantly crashes. 20 or 30 times a day when doing pension assessment or pension submission. 

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    Hi Max thanks for your reply.  I have now encountered a new problem with payroll shutting down unexpectantly, when making an employee a leaver and producing a P45, the payroll system will close down mid way through the process.

    Can anyone suggest a reason why this keeps happening and what can be done about it.

    Many thanks.

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    We have this problem as well, it's very frustrating for us and for our IT department, they have been through everything Sage suggest but nothing helps.  We are at a loss as to what we can try next.  Very disappointing that Sage don't seem to be able to help.