Producing Log Files for Efficient Issue Resolution in Sage X3

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Log files play a vital role in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems in software and issue resolution. In the context of Sage X3, generating and providing log files significantly aids the support team in identifying and resolving various issues efficiently. In this blog post, I want to highlight the different types of log files that would help expedite the troubleshooting process and where to get more information.

What are log files 

Log files are records of events and actions within Sage X3, providing crucial insights into the system's behaviour. The log files are an essential tool for technical support to diagnose and resolve issues effectively.

Running SQL Trace for One User Session

SQL tracing for one user session is a detailed record of the SQL statements and database interactions during a specific user's session within Sage X3. This trace provides valuable insights into how the system's database is being accessed and manipulated during that user's activities.

More information - How to Generate a SQL Trace for One User Session?

General system/Syracuse level logging

You can enable and increase the Syracuse logging, which can be tuned to capture more detailed information on specific issues in administration, administration, settings, and global settings. 

More Information - How to increase logging levels for diagnosing issues

Runtime/Engine Tracing

Historically known as the 'openlog', it can be activated in several ways depending on the issue you intend to trace. This log type provides code-level insights as Sage X3 processes various tasks and transactions.

More Information 

X3 session logs (From Sage X3 V12)

Using the openlog function in a session

Run an engine trace from within a function

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