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Our V11 system has a standard Sage Statisical Parameter set up with code VEN05 which, when used on a landing page, allows us to show a real-time report showing invoiced value. One of the columns, the MTHT vairable, is the SINVOICED.AMTNOTLIN * SINVOICE.SNS (it has a currency conversion defined to show the line value in folder currency net of tax). 

What's intriguing me is that there's a field "Forecast" in this screen which is set as Yes for this Variable.

Then in the Advanced tab there's the list of values which actually shows when you use the statistic as a landing page, i.e. these are the columns that appear:

P1 is being declared as a local variable for the forecast, then used against the C1 value to calculate variances on the next two columns (as an amount and a percentage).

How do I populate the values of P1? We have sales & gross profit (i.e. margin) budgets by month and customer, and I'd love to be able to do a real-time updated landing page that shows year to date progress by Customer, aggregatable up to the Rep level and total business. 

Do I just need to insert a new table to hold the budget figures, pull those into the statistical trigger (linked by customer code & month of the invoice's ACCDAT), then instead of using P1 as the formula in the columns, put in  formula to pull the budget value? Do I even need to do that - is there a better way to define the values of P1 that goes towards the variance calculations?

I have the sense that I'm close to knowing what to do next but I can't quite get to it.

Thanks in anticipation

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    You just need to go into Usage, Statistics, Forecasts and there you can enter the values for your VEN05 enquiry.   

    I would be wary about using Real time however, as it could potentially have performance impact - so keep a close eye on that if you do use it.

    Hope this helps



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    That's great - thanks Mike! 
    My follow up question is, I really want to enter these budget figures by Customer, but for reasons I don't understand the default is to do it by Rep first, then I can drill from there to what looks like ITMMASTER.TSICOD(0), then Product, and then "Miscellaneous" then finally to the Customer level. I don't understand where that hierarchy is coming from so I cannot edit it. 

    Ideally I'd want REP then Customer then drill to lower levels of product stat group and product. The current one seems the wrong way around.

    I have budgets by customer that I need to enter into the screen you described. 

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    Scratch that, it's using the data set up in the Statistical parameter "Fields" screen, reading from top to  bottom


    Rep is first, then "Product Family" based on TSICOD(0) then Product then Customer Family (TSCCOD - it says Miscellaneous because we haven't set any up) and then lastly BPCUSTOMER.

    Presumably if I set up different fields in the stat parameter (REP then Customer then Product) I'll get what I want. 

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    I would think so, I'll let you play around with it! :)