Benefits of Sage CRM Workflow Escalation Rules

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By guest blogger Caroline Robertson, Project & Planning Manager at Avrion who help customers collect, manage and automate business information, using CRM software blended with other proven and emerging software technologies.

Investing in software for your business should help you reap numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and productivity along with reduced costs. But are you truly making the most of your software and systems?

We are in the digitisation age, where organisations are seeking out ways to make their processes more efficient and reduce human errors. Digitisation benefits include:

  • Reducing time spent by users who would have to send out emails to notify or chase customers
  • Reduce time spent by management tracking and chasing users
  • Helping everyone to keep on top of Tasks / Projects / Sales Opportunities / Customer Service Cases
  • Improving customer communications and response times
  • Ensuring the correct information is being entered into Sage CRM and business processes are being followed

Common Sage CRM Escalations/Workflows

Using workflows for managing different stages of an opportunity. The available workflow buttons are set in a way that guides users through a life cycle of a sales opportunity (or project) that reflects the customer’s business processes.

  • Setting Workflow functions to be available, only if specific criteria is met, against cases/opportunities etc. to ensure the correct methods and processes are being followed.
  • Case and Opportunity Escalation/assignment to handle transition of responsibility and accountability of sales and service cases.
  • Automatic Case overdue emails, which alert users assigned to cases/management that an SLA has been exceeded and needs attention.
  • Automatic project management emails to alert users that milestone dates are due/overdue.
  • Automatic sales emails that are triggered by an Opportunity being won, with welcome packs/brochures attached.
  • Automatic thank you payment emails that go out when a payment/transaction has been entered into the back office system.
  • Automatic Task creation for users to follow up on at the end of sales, projects etc.
  • Automatic Emails to customers that let them know their project has progressed (triggered from stages/milestone fields).

This article was originally written for The CRM Connect Magazine