Focusing on Process Change for Success - Part 2

1 minute read time.

Getting front-to-back-office integration in place really does help companies to reduce costs and improve the customer experience. For Sage CRM and the back-office products it works with, integration can be deployed using minimal consulting resource and, generally, without the need for additional hardware infrastructure.

Front-to-back-office integration helps complete business processes across any company. All the departments can get that 360-degree view and be more effective in their roles.

The availability of Sage CRM with out-of-the-box, easy-to-deploy product integrations to our back-office solutions, therefore, represents a highly compelling proposition for SMB organisations seeking to leverage the benefits of front-to-back-office integration cost effectively.

So, where to start? Doing things faster and better is often mentioned. Saving time, money & delivering better outcomes for your teams and your customers. Giving some thought to prioritizing high impact areas to deliver a significant return on investment (ROI) - as we have spoken here before - so that you can prove to everyone why connecting the processes & data is worth the effort.

Tools within Sage CRM such as the workflow engine - which drive users down a set path & captures relevant data - can be a great place to start. Beyond this are other features that can overlay your system to help mandate or suggest next steps.

Next time: What to automate and why.