Technology has changed the way people buy - Part 2

1 minute read time.

For our business partners, it’s no longer just about providing product information. Your customers are likely to already know about i.e., the blog material here on Sage City, perhaps our on-demand Learning Series or the Sage CRM YouTube channel, perhaps read some of our customer case studies or listened to the customer podcasts. They need to adjust your sales conversations to include questions about:

  • Where they are with their buying decisions
  • What information have they reviewed or watched
  • What criteria are they using for their buying decisions

You, as your customer's technology partner, should have a well thought out plan on how to start, deliver & review your customers' CRM project and, specifically, how they will see their return on investment unfold over the life of your engagement.

Approaching the Sage CRM engagement in this fashion means conversations are richer & more adaptable than just a traditional feature pitch. It will help you be more relevant and deliver effectively for your customer - today, next month and beyond. You’ll stand out from the competition because you’ll be meeting prospects where they are, rather than delivering irrelevant pitches.