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Advisory: Mailchimp announces changes to free plan

This Advisory is about a change to a pricing policy for Mailchimp with which Sage CRM integrates.  This may have an impact on small implementations and partner demonstration systems that currently take advantage of the free plan.

Sage CRM offers an integration with Mailchimp that allows users to:

  • Create Sage CRM contacts as subscribers within a single Mailchimp Audience.
  • Create new targeted email marketing campaigns in Sage CRM.
  • Send the campaign and automatically add a communication record to the relevant records in Sage CRM
  • View a list of sent Mailchimp campaigns in Sage CRM and gain valuable insight into the results - opens, clicks, bounces and more
  • Further segment lists and groups in Sage CRM based on responses for future campaigns

Mailchimp has recently announced changes to its Free Marketing plan. On March 10, 2023, there will be new limits on the number of contacts a customer can have in their account and how many emails they send each day and month.

What’s changing

  • Contact limit – Up to 500 contacts
  • Monthly send limit – Up to 1,000 email sends
  • Daily send limit – Up to 500 email sends

We encourage you to visit the Mailchimp pricing page to understand how these changes could affect any Free Marketing accounts you may have.