Push to Mailchimp fails when there are duplicate emails

I have reviewed old posts re this issue but there is not an answer. Are there plans to rectify this in the 'Send to Mailchimp' function?

It is a legitimate entry within CRM to have more than 1 contact sharing a group email. If you build a group that contains these 'duplicates', export to file and import that into Mailchimp, the duplicates are managed by the import and all is OK.

This gets the data into Mailchimp but breaks the connection so CRM users cannot see the marketing details/actions.

Will the 'Send to Mailchimp' feature be amended to allow duplicate emails within the group as 'clearing' the email from the contact is not a solution?

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    HI, I'm afraid not as this is still reporting duplicates and expects you to resolve by ensuring a duplicate email address does not exist on the people within the group.
    There are legitimate reasons why 2 contacts may have accounts@ as their email address and based on the data held against them both be included into a CRM group. This group cannot then be 'Sent to Mailchimp' as it reports duplicates BUT if you export to csv and then import that into Mailchimp via the Mailchimp import the second occurrence of an email address is dealt with, so all OK.
    Is it a case of the Mailchimp API not supporting the same import functions that their 'import' process does and is therefore a Mailchimp limitation?