I want to assign a case to 2 persons, while selecting name under assigned to I am able to just select one name, kindly suggest me on this.

Thank You.

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    Hi Kalpana

    Out of the box you can't. this is the point of Team so than anyone of a Team of individuals can see the Case under Team CRM so long it is assigned to their team. 

    My CRM will only show who is named in the ''Assigned to' field. 

    There are ways you could extend this, none of which is perfect. You could introduce a second User Select field (e.g. Additional Engineer), then create a List, add it to a new Block and then display this Block under My CRM. It would mean a user ends up monitoring two lists for their Cases

    Or ignoring the additional list, build a report based on a SQL view that joins the original field and the additional field. Then pin this to a Dashboard. This way when the user logs in they can see all the Cases in one place and if the view was created correctly, the Case would appear if their name was in either field. 

    So there are ways (and more ways) to produce an output for the users, just depends on what you want the output to be and what your skills within CRM / SQL are.