• CRM 2022 R1 Advanced FInd - Not Showing Preview SQL Button

    Good morning all, We are operating off Sage CRM 2022 R1 and the guide from https://help.sagecrm.com/on_premise/en/2022R1/Main%20Menu/Content/User/FI_UsingAdvancedFind.htm?Highlight=Advanced%20Find shows a Preview SQL button in Advanced Find but this…
  • Error UserActionException on Lead page & specific users

    Hi all, I am having an error with 2 users, and these 2 users is from the same team. All other user from another team is okay. These 2 user cannot access any page related to Lead list. it was working before, until I change a lead stage selection…
  • Allow all user to view lead when it had specific state/status

    Hi All, problem background: Salesperson B create a lead. At this point, the lead can only be seen by Salesperson B, and send to manager for approval. After review the lead, the manager then decided that this Lead is not ready to be process due to…
  • Cannot see Team CRM when Logging into CRM on a Mobile Browser.

    Hello All. I have a client that has an external URL that points to their CRM installed on their local server. WHen i go to the URL, i can successfully login. But, i cannot figure out how to get access to TEAM CRM. I am logged in as the Admin account,…
  • Notifications

    Can you tell me CRM if we can have an automated email notification sent to the sales rep when a lead is assigned to them?
  • Getting an error message after moving to new server "Leave Site? Changes made may not be saved.

    Getting an error message after moving to new server "Leave Site? Changes made may not be saved. Where do I fix this?
  • How to set stage and status to read only

    Hi I want to adjust stage and status to Read Only. I'm not sure where to set the settings because there aren't these 2 fields on the oppotunity page. Do you have any advice?
  • how to auto assign to another person if the lead have no action for 24 hours?

    Hi all, I have created a workflow below. Lets say person A is assigned to a lead stage "Document Reviewed", and did nothing after 24 hours, how do I auto assign the lead to another person of the same team, and inform both persons by email/notification…

    Hi, I want to assign a case to 2 persons, while selecting name under assigned to I am able to just select one name, kindly suggest me on this. Thank You.
  • Sage CRM index service

    The CRM search index service has not been run since 14/06/2023 13:35. Please verify that the index service is configured correctly.
  • default restriction on duplicate email addresses

    Hi, Is it possible to replace the default restriction on duplicate email addresses with a validation prompt that would allow you to acknowledge you're creating a duplicate and proceed? Thanks.
  • CRM text

    My text on CRM is now visually smaller, how can I enlarge it again to what i was formally
  • How to disable Convert to Opportunity until a certain state?

    Hi all, I want to create a Lead approval workflow. It is consist of few stages: Start, approved, not approved, resubmit, and Final Rejection. I do not want to allow the Lead to be Converted to Opportunity until it comes to the final state: Approved…
  • bold text

    how to enter de bold text in to text multiline
  • Defaulting an email template to a specific Action within the dropdown option

    Hi. I'm hoping this is something we can do. We use an Invoice template to send invoices to customers. We would like to have the Invoice template default to a specific Action called "Invoice Sent". I can default all actions to this selection, however…
  • 401-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalide credentials

    Hi, When I want to change the Administrator -> System items configuration, I always get 401 error page, I tried to give all the folders administrator's premission but doesn't help, anybody know how to solve this? Thank you, Nesson
  • 'Access Denied' when adding a document

    We are regularly getting an 'Access Denied' error when adding a document into CRM. The strange thing is this error seems to be based on the size of the attachment. A user that gets the error on one file can attach a smaller one!? The problem then starts…
  • an unexpected event occurred: EConvertError Invalid HTML encoded character (&+) at position

    Strange one here. On one system this (example) url (which is an attachment link) does not work and shows a CRM screen with an errror "EConvertError: Invalid HTML encoded character (&+) at position" We think its down to the ampersand encoding…
  • Azure Storage Account - File Share as CRM library using the UNC path `\\{somesharename}.file.core.windows.net\library\`

    We are using an Azure Storage Account, and a dedicate file share in a private subnet. You can connect using the UNC path to the store eg. \\{somesharename}.file.core.windows.net\library\ Using the Administration → E-mail and Documents → Documents & Reports…
  • MFA

    IS Sage Crm capable of MFA (multi factor Authentification) ? If not is it on the road map ? Thanks
  • SMTP Configuration error: SMTP: Cannot use AUTH LOGIN. This may be caused by authentication not being enabled on the MTA

    When trying to send email via SMTP relay I get the following error: Apr 6 2020 14:06:28.720 315464 342676 5 SMTP: Could not send message. This may be due to AUTH not being supported by the MTA, no supported authentication methods being available, or…
  • Sage CRM 2022 R2 - Screen background color gone on computer display??

    I am noticing on an install that I am working on when I move the screen from my laptop to a larger connected monitor, I loose all the background color on my screens. I have never noticed this occuring before. Has anyone else ever had this occur and if…
  • Moving person from one company to another?

    Does anyone have a workflow or code example that will allow us to migrate a person from one company to the next? Or is there a built in functionality that I am unaware of? We work in an industry with a lot of turn over and cross hiring, just trying…
  • CRM and Cloudflare

    Hi has anyone got any experience with getting CRM to work with cloudlfare? our IT company use cloudflare to making CRM accessible externally but we are getting an error with the dashboard (all other tomcat features seem to work ok) and also and issue…
  • Modify New Record List in Sage CRM

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to add/modify the entities in the new record list used to create new opportunities/cases/etc? Thank you in advance!