how to auto assign to another person if the lead have no action for 24 hours?

Hi all,

I have created a workflow below. 

Lets say person A is assigned to a lead stage "Document Reviewed", and did nothing after 24 hours, how do I auto assign the lead to another person of the same team, and inform both persons by email/notification? 

thank you.

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    Hi Murni

    You would be looking at introducing an Escalation Rule - these are the time based rule (based on minutes) and uses the 'Interval' field. Which if the Record is still at Document Reviewed after X minutes to automatically reassign it to a named individual. 

    But to email the Previous Assigned user, you will need to introduce another User Select field, and in the rule do something like 

    Order 10 = 'Reset Column Value' - lead_original = lead_assigneduserid (this way the original person is stored in a separate field which can be used on the email)

    Order 20 = 'Set Column Value' = lead_assigneduserid = 'Named Individual'

    'Send Email' and in the To line you will be able to put in there both #lead_original# and #lead_assigneduserid# 

    You just couldn't randomly pick another member of the team, you'd have to name them. So if User A doesn't do anything it always goes to Bob for them to deal with or manually reassign it to another person to deal with.

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    thank you, will try it out