• error filtering title eq 'newsletter'

    I'm having trouble filtering leads using the `$title` field. When I use the following query: https://{{server}}/sdata/{{install}}j/sagecrm2/-/Lead?startindex=1&count=10&where=$title eq 'newsletter' It shows all the leads instead of filtering. Then I…
  • Interactive Dashboard List Gadget Territory Filter

    Understand that List Gadget in Interactive Dashboard only allow String filter and territory is stored as int in database. Is there any workaround to allow List gadget to be filter with territory?
  • How to populate the opportunities list on load from My CRM

    Help please! I believe there is a way to do this. However, I have forgotten how. When you open a list from My CRM, nothing appears on the list until you hit the filter button. Is there a way to get the system to load the data automatically without having…
  • RemoveLookup remove --All-- option

    Hi there! I want to select which options our users can choose when looking up opportunities. Primarily, they should only be able to see their own opportunites with the exception of 2 users that should be able to see all opportunities, regardless of…
  • Is it possible to filter selection field?

    Hi All, I wanted to filter the 'Selection' field in the workflow stage based on value. I would like to know is it possible to filter a 'Selection' field using a script. Any help??
  • Default Value in Filter Box on My CRM

    I need the default value of oppo_status in the OpportunityFilterBox to be "In Progress" in the context of My CRM and Team CRM, but "--All--" in all other context. I have tried a few scripts in the screen Custom Content, but no result. I tried adding condition…
  • Clear Filter Button

    Hello everybody, im pretty new to CRM administration and i have a question about the sales oportunities. When I go to Team-CRM and then to sales opportunities I can set filters on the right. Is there a possibility to create/add a button to clear all…
  • Filter rows of a list (without filter box)

    Is there any way to filter the rows of a list automatically? As in, not using a filter box like here: https://community.sagecrm.com/partner_community/b/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2009/10/29/building-list-screens-with-filterboxes.aspx https:/…
  • Widget Filter Wont Reset

    A customer has pointed out to me that when they apply a 'Filter By' for an dashboard widget the search will not reset to 'none' it stays on the first search. Any ideas why that would be and how to fix? Thanks, Anthony
  • WorkFlow not working

    Hi i am built workflow and the write the following code in summary .net page base .UseWorkflow = true ; base .AddWorkflowButtons( "Lease" ); but the workflow buttons not appear and when try to see the workflowid in the custome entity table there…
  • Escalation .Net

    hi please how i can solve Escalation for .Net when select it please check the attached picture
  • Sage CRM SP2 Setup ?????????

    Hi all i try to install sage crm sp2 setup from the community like the figure attached but its give me sage crmsp2 hotfix 3
  • Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • add button to main menu with menu

    Hi can i add button to main menu and sub button when click on it like shown in image i try to do this but System Act make it hard
  • Filter the Solution Search Screen with the current logon user

    Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 …
  • Missing casefilterbox in asp page