How to add bullet points to a field in Excel

1 minute read time.

Using Excel, have you tried to add a bullet point within a field to stack numbers, sentences or phrases?  Adding a bullet point helps the reader to see each point clearly rather than viewing several run-on sentences or numbers.  Here are a few easy steps to add bullets within a field in Excel.

Download the workbook to practice. 

In this example we are going to use sentences.  Here is a simple table where the user has included a ‘Comment’ field.  See how the sentences within the comments field run together?  We can clean up this look easily by adding bullets and/or placing each sentence (or number or phrase) to the next line.


Within the formula bar, place your cursor at the front of the sentence and select Alt plus the number 7 (Alt + 7) on your keypad. If you have a laptop without a keypad then you can either select numlock or select Fn Alt plus the number 7 (Fn+Alt+7) to insert the bullet.  

Fn is the Function key typically in Blue color and used for the additional functions in blue on select keys.

To continue adding bullet points to the additional sentences, phrases or numbers simply place your cursor at the front of each sentence and again, select Alt plus 7 or Fn Alt plus 7 (for laptops without a keypad). 

If you wish to see each sentence or phrase on a separate line then, in front of each bullet point, select Alt plus Enter.  This will move the rest of the sentences to the next line.