How to custom sort a slicer in Excel

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It's not always possible to get a slicer to display in the order that you need it to.

In our example, the sample displays in an alphabetical order, but we'd like it to display in the same order  being used in the Pivot Table.  To overcome this limitation, we can create a custom list.

You are welcome to download the workbook to practice. 

First up, delete the slider that you've created.

Select File > Options > Advanced:

Scroll to the bottom, and under the General section, select Edit Custom Lists.

Enter your sort order under the List entries dialogue box using a comma between each one, for example:

Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Other Income, Total Income, Expense, Net Profit.

Select Add to add the list to the Custom lists.

Double click the new list to sort the slicer in the appropriate order and select OK.

On your Pivot Table, select to insert a slicer. 

You will now see that your slicer is in the desired format.

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