How to access a reports' container from the Report Manager

1 minute read time.

If you want to determine which Container is linked to a report, you can do so from Report Manager.  This tip will also show you how to determine which reports are linked with Containers from within the Connector.

First, this example is using a Union report’s sub-report. You can follow the same steps using a Standard report starting with Step 2.

1. When using a Union Report you will see a list of sub-reports. In the picture below the list of sub-reports have a right-arrow icon which means these are placeholders for the actual reports. Unless you have exported then imported your Union report, this step will take you to the actual Standard report.

Highlight the sub-report then, right-click to get the menu and select Go To Sub-Report as shown in the first picture below. 

Note: Union reports are indicated by a Green icon while the Standard reports are indicated by a blue icon.


2. With the actual Standard report highlighted, double-click to open the Properties List.

Note: In this step I have accessed the Standard report from the Union report in step #1.  This will be your first step if you want to access the Container for a Standard Report.


3. Next, double-click on Source Container which reveals the Container name as seen below.


4. Next, right-click on the Container name and select Go to Container in Connector. Doing this opens a message that basically explains that if you already have the Connector open this will open another instance of the Connector.


5. Finally, when you select Yes in the message (above picture) the Connector will open and place you on the correct (linked) report Container.  You may need to scroll to see the Container that is selected depending on how many Containers you have listed in the Connection.

In the Connector, with the Container highlighted, you can also see all the reports that use the Container.  Simply select the Dependencies button from the Connector Ribbon.  A message will pop-up with the list of dependent reports along with the report IDs.

The ID can be found in the Properties window of the Standard report in Report Manager.