How to Use the Quick Pivot Feature in Excel

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The Report Tools are provided to offer extra functionality from within Microsoft® Excel®.  They can be found on the BI Tools tab when the reports are run out to Excel from the Sage Intelligence Report Manager. This however excludes any Financial Report Designer reports.

Note: This feature is for those who are on the versions of Sage Intelligence prior to the 2015 version. This feature cannot be added to later Sage Intelligence versions. 


Quick Pivot allows you to create Pivot Tables from within existing reports as and when needed.  You can customize Pivot Tables without leaving an existing report pack. Excel tools are provided for backward compatibility with previous versions of the Report Designer.

Using Quick Pivot:

  1. From the BI Tools tab, click More
  2. Select Quick Pivot



The following window appears:



To view a simple Pivot Table to include the fields CustomerName and ExtensionAmt select the following:


Pivot Table

You can also further customize the Pivot Tables using the Format tab which is found in the same BI Tools Tab dropdown list as the Quick Pivot feature or directly from the Quick Pivot window. 


Format tab

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