Working with the Sage Intelligence Security Manager

1 minute read time.

The Security Manager is an administration tool that lets an administrator manage roles (user groups) and assign users and reports to each role. When security is enabled the user will be required to login and then will only have access to the reports selected for the role that the user belongs to. The Security Manager ensures that access to important or sensitive reports is securely controlled.

Warning: It is highly recommended that security be enabled to prevent unauthorized user access into the Security Manager.

The following rules apply:

  • Report level security will by default be switched off at installation and must be switched on within Security Manager to take effect.
  • Only users added to the Administrators role will be allowed to Add/Edit/Delete reports within the Report Manager.
  • The list of users within the Security Manager will be synchronized from the Sage 100 user list.

The Security Manager allows you to:

  • Set Security On or Off
  • Manage Roles
  • Select which users belong to which Roles.
  • Select which Reports belong to which Roles.



Security Manager Access

1. Expand Sage Intelligence Reporting, Setup and then click Security Manager

2. In the Security Manager window, it is highly recommended that the Security On checkbox be enabled. Select the box to enable it.

3. You will be prompted for a password. Type in a password and click Set.