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What is Sage Contact?

Sage Contact is an MS Office 365 Outlook integration, which is included with Sage 100cloud. Sage Contact provides your sales reps with access to key customer information within Outlook 365 (in browser and via mobile), including available credit, outstanding balances, and the number of days it typically takes to settle a bill. Users can click through payment and invoice histories, review recent customer communications and create notes to share with other Sage Contact users.

How does it work?

Sage Contact breaks down the customer information using various tabs:

Select the Overview tab to view the account status and balance, contact details, and analysis codes.

Select the History tab to view the account balance and recent transactions.


Select the Comms tab to view your most recent email messages with this contact.

Select the Notes tab to view, add or edit memos for this account.

The Value of Sage Contact

Sage Contact isn’t just another thing we throw into Sage 100cloud to make it look awesome.  It’s actually an awesome thing, and we’re making it awesomer all the time!  We’ve talked about features, but what is the VALUE?

By increasing access to customer information, and providing a convenient tool for note sharing, Sage Contact brings light CRM capabilities to Microsoft Outlook 365.  What this means for customers is:

  • Faster lead nurture and sale closure – no more flipping back and forth between applications.  Customer information can be extended to everyone in the organization, regardless of the number of Sage 100cloud licences it might have.
  • Better customer experience – sales and others in the organization know the customer, including details about previous interactions
  • Improved data integrity - since contact information in Sage 100cloud is always up to date

If you have Sage 100cloud and are not using Sage Contact, you're missing out! All customers on version 2018 or higher can activate this amazing free feature today.  For customers not on the latest version of Sage 100cloud, the time to upgrade is now! Contact your partner today to take advantage.

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