Fix "Invoice Already Being Paid" or "The invoice balance was exceeded" errors in Sage 100 AR Cash Receipts Entry

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One of the problems the Sage 100 support team frequently gets contacted for are the errors in this post's title. Here's how to resolve them.


Please review the steps under "Resolution" below if you’re seeing the errors:  "Invoice Already Being Paid" or "The invoice balance was exceeded" in Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts Entry; or the balance for an invoice is showing zero or incorrect, or cannot select invoices for cash receipts payment in Sage 100. 


  • The invoice is already selected for payment in another entry (perhaps in another deposit and/or in another batch) in Cash Receipts Entry
  • The invoice was previously selected for payment, but the entry was deleted or cleared, or there may have been a power outage or workstation crash in the meantime


 Review the invoice balance:

  1. Determine whether or not the invoice has a balance.
    1. Open Accounts ReceivableMainCustomer Maintenance
    2. Select the Customer No.
    3. Click the Invoices tab
    4. Search for the specific invoice and note any balances in the Invoice Balance column
  2. If the invoice has a balance, the Payments Today field in the open invoices file may be set incorrectly.  This would indicate that the invoice is already being paid.  Follow the steps below to reset the field.
    1. Have everyone exit out of the Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules 
    2. From the Sage 100 ERP Desktop, click File menu, then click Run
    3. For the Program field, enter ARWAR4 and click OK
    4. Click Yes at the prompt: "Warning: This utility will clear and recalculate the Payments Today field in the AR_OpenInvoice file. Do you want to proceed?"
      (Note: The utility will then go through all open invoice records in the AR_OpenInvoice table and change the Payments Today field to match the data in the AR_CashReceiptsHeader and AR_CashReceiptsDetail tables)
    5. Click Yes at the prompt: "AR_OpenInvoice Payments Today amounts corrected."
    6. Try enter Cash Receipts Entry for the invoice again

Note: If the error persists, follow the steps below to reinitialize the data entry files or reset the Payments Today field

If the ARWAR4 utility does not work:

Reset the Payments Today field for the invoice in AR_OpenInvoice.m4t by performing one of the following:

  • Reinitialize the Cash Receipts data entry files:
    (Note: See our "How to reintialize Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts Entry files" Sage Knowledgebase article for more information)
    1. Update all existing valid cash receipts.
    2. Reinitialize the following files:
      • AR_CashReceiptsHeader
      • AR_CashReceiptsDetail
      • AR_CashReceiptsDeposit
      • AR_CashReceiptsRestart
    3. If using batches, use Data File Display and Maintenance (DFDM) to delete the batch record from GL_CompanyActiveBatch
  • Edit the Payments Today field for the invoice record via Data File Display and Maintenance:
    (Note: For more information, see the Related Resources section below on using Data File Display and Maintenance)
    • Note: The record key is made up of the division, customer number, and invoice number (for example: 01ABF00000012IN)
    1. Select Library Master, UtilitiesData File Display and Maintenance
    2. Open the ..\MAS90\MAS_xxx\ARxxx\AR_OpenInvoice.m4t file (xxx = company code)
    3. Click Key Scan button
    4. Locate and select the invoice causing the error.
    5. Click Edit
    6. For Field Number, select PaymentsToday$
    7. For Change, edit the value to 0
    8. Click OK, and close out of Data File Display and Maintenance
    9. Go back to Cash Receipts Entry to pay the invoice

For additional resources and information, please visit the "Error: "Invoice Already Being Paid" or "The invoice balance was exceeded" in AR Cash Receipts Entry; or the balance for an invoice is showing zero or incorrect, or cannot select invoices for cash receipts payment" Knowledgebase article.