How to verify the version of TLS (Transport Layer Security) Sage 100 is using to communicate with the Sage License Server

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Sage 100 communicates with the Sage License Server thru the internet to update the Sage 100 expiration date. 

Upon the notification that Sage will terminate communication at TLS 1.1 and lower in October 2023 and TLS 1.2 level or higher will be required to continue communication with the Sage License Server, Sage Customer Support has received many calls with concerns and how to verify if Sage 100 is communicating with the Sage License Server using TLS 1.2 or higher. 

The verification process requires the use of a third-party middleware tool to log HTTP and HTTPS traffic between Sage 100 and the Sage License Server. 

One such Tool that can be used is Fiddler by Telerik.

Note: Check with your system administrator prior to downloading and installing any third-party software.  


Download Fiddler Web Debugging Tool for Free by Telerik

During the installation of Fiddler, it is suggested that you select the WinConfig button and select Exempt All in the AppContainer Loopback Exemption Utility. 

Run the utility and you should see something like the following. There is free online training available on how to use Fiddler, and its various features.


 The example screen shot below shows a secure communication from Sage 100 to the Sage License Server (SLS) endpoint using TLS 1.2. 

Start Sage 100 and open System Configuration, Registration tab. Start the Fiddler session. Click on the Update button in System Configuration, Registration tab. This process will connect to the SLS and update registration information. 

In the screen shot below, the top pane of Fiddler shows the request for an initial handshake at TLS 1.2 being made to the new SLS endpoint of The bottom pane in fiddler shows that this connection (tunnel) was successfully established using TLS 1.2. 


If it is determined Sage 100 is communicating to the Sage License Server at TLS 1.1 or lower, Sage recommends you notify your Sage 100 Business Partner.