It's not to late to register for the Sage Summit in San Diego!

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This year's Sage Summit in San Diego (Feb 14 - Feb 15, 2019) offers incredible value for Sage 100 customers.  With a full schedule of sessions designed to help businesses extract more value from their business management software investments, there's so much for attendees to do that it's impossible to do it all.  The biggest challenge for Sage 100 customers in attendance will be choosing between high impact sessions.

Here are just a few session highlights to help attendees navigate Sage Summit:

Lessons from the Field: Overcoming barriers and accelerating growth with Sage 100cloud

Let's face it. Businesses are ... busy.  They are focused on understanding and overcoming their own business problems.  They are focused on addressing the competitive pressures of their industry.  It can difficult for businesses to gain perspective on broader challenges facing growing businesses, and anticipating the kinds of challenges they may encounter in the future.  In this panel, leaders from Blytheco, DSD Business Systems, and PMO Solutions will discuss patterns they are seeing across customers, identify industry trends, and describe high impact practices that businesses can start putting into place today.

Mythbusting Sage 100cloud: Everything you wanted to know

There continue to be a lot of misconceptions about Sage 100cloud, even among Sage 100cloud customers.  Why is it called 'Sage 100cloud'?  What are the real differences between Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud?  Who cares?  In this session, we will address Sage 100cloud 'myths,' so that Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud customers alike can fully appreciate the value of the subscription product, and the ways in which we are investing in its future.  (There might just have to be a walrus mustache involved)

Gain a deeper understanding of your business's data with Sage 100 Intelligence

Deep dive sessions on how to extract value from data using Sage Intelligence are always highly requested, and we would be remiss if we didn't include one at Sage Summit in San Diego.  In this session. you’ll learn about the many standard reports available to you and how you can customize them to suit your business needs. You’ll also discover how to use dashboards to visually represent your data and identify trends.  The value of this session alone is worth the registration.

My ERP can do THAT?! Tips and Tricks for Sage 100cloud

Another highly requested session.  Go beyond the basics and learn how to 'supercharge' (sorry ... inside joke. Pro Tip: Don't ever use the word 'supercharge' in marketing materials) your experience with the business management solution you already have! Learn about some lesser-known features for Sage 100cloud that can make a big difference for mid-sized service, distribution, and manufacturing enterprises looking to optimize their business processes.

Extending the Power of Mid-Market Solutions: Leveraging the Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform

In 2018, we added our first Microsoft Office Integration for Sage 100cloud: Sage Contact. Sage Contact is a free MS Office 365 Outlook integration for Sage 100cloud that provides sales reps with access to key customer information in browser and via mobile, including available credit, outstanding balances, and the number of days it typically takes to settle a bill. Users can click through payment and invoice histories, review recent customer communications and create notes to share with other Sage Contact users. This was just the beginning.  Get a sneak peak from our innovation lab, and provide feedback on the kinds of integration you'd like see in the future.   

P.S. If you are a Sage 100cloud customer and have not yet implemented Sage Contact, you're missing out. Talk to your Sage Partner to get it set up today.

Thriving amidst complexity: Navigating the Challenges of a Growing Business

Sage Summit is not ultimately about Sage.  Sage Summit is about Sage customers.  It's about you.  At Sage, we recognize that technology is never the 'secret sauce.'  While a business management solution like Sage 100cloud may be an essential tool, as a tool, it is only as effective as the organizations that wield it.  Hear from Sage 100cloud customers themselves.  What unexpected challenges have growing businesses like yours encountered, what did they do to respond, and how could those challenges have been avoided? In this session, Sage 100cloud customers will discuss specific challenges and share the high impact strategies that have helped them thrive.

In addition to all of this (and more), attendees can of course look forward to a vision and roadmap session for Sage 100.  We are investing heavily in Sage 100cloud. We are laser focused on a strategy designed to accelerate customer value while reducing complexity.  We invite our customers to join us in San Diego to provide feedback on a direction that we at Sage are incredibly excited about. 

Sage Summit in San Diego is just one week away, but that doesn't mean it's too late to register. Check out the conference website, plan to attend, and take a moment to say hi when we are all together in sunny California next week.  

Sage Summit San Diego