The Script Control object could not be created


Posting this in case it helps someone else.  Client is on SPC (new), v2022.2, and we received this error when trying to add a UDS (clicking the green check-mark button to verify syntax).

The script host was properly installed (and Allow External Access enabled), with correct file association, but it turns out they were running the 64-bit version of Sage 100.

Changing to 32-bit (running the utility) fixed the error.

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    So that didn't work initially, the batch file was stating it couldn't find tsc64.dll. I was able to locate this DLL on the server under ..MAS90\Migration\_Repository\_Repository_x64\wsc7.10\env\any\CommonProgramFiles\Sage\Common Components.

    Copied this to all clients' ProgramData, then ran the RegCom64.bat and am no longer receiving this error on any of the clients! Thank you so much!!!!