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I am attempting to write a Sage BOI VBS program to read and write to the SO Shipping Data Entry Package Tracking By Item object and am receiving the error <NewObject Error: 200>. I am using a Sage user that has full access to Sage and have the company ABC set to Allow External Access. Any help would be appreciated. Code is below:


Option Explicit


Dim objIE

Dim objShell

Dim oConnection

Dim oExec

Dim oFile

Dim oFSO

Dim oRecordSet

Dim oScript

Dim oSec

Dim oSS

Dim r

Dim o

Dim pInvoiceNo


'Create ProvideX COM Object

Set oScript = CreateObject ("ProvideX.Script")


'The Init method must be the first method called

' Please remember to correct the MAS90\Home path

oScript.Init("C:\Sage\Sage 100 Standard\MAS90\Home")


'The Session object must be the first MAS 90 object created

Set oSS = oScript.NewObject("SY_Session")


' Set the user for the Session

r = oSS.nLogon()

If r=0 Then

            ' Please remember to correct the username, password

            r = oss.nSetUser("user","password")  ' I am using a FULL ACCESS Sage user and password.

End If


' Set the company, module date and module for the Session

r = oss.nsetcompany("ABC")

r = oSS.nSetDate("S/O","20240321")

r = oSS.nSetModule("S/O")


' Instantiate business object

oSEC = oSS.nSetProgram(oSS.nLookupTask("SO_PackageTrackingByItem_Ui"))

Set o = oScript.NewObject("SO_PackageTrackingByItem_bus", oSS, "SO_PackageTrackingByItem")


r = o.nMoveFirst()

r = o.nGetValue("InvoiceNo$", "pInvoiceNo")

msgbox pInvoiceNo


r = o.DropObject()


Wscript.Echo "DONE"