Bank Reconciliation - Beginning Balance Changed from Ending Balance of Previous Month


Hello everyone,

I am trying to reconcile one of our accounts in Sage 100 and when I am in the Reconcile Bank feature, it shows that there is zero difference, but when I printed the report it said that I was off. I have identified that it was the beginning balances are different from the bank statement and the bank recon by looking at the bank recap report; however, when I looked at the previous reconciliation for this account the ending balance matches the beginning balances of the bank statement. I am not sure how it was changed. How can I fix it so that the beginning balances match again so I can reconcile?

Thanks in advance!

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    First thing to try - if you have rights - Library Master/Utilities/Rebuild Sort Files - rebuild Bank Rec Sort files.

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    Before doing that, make sure you do not have a blank bank code.  (Running rebuild sort files for BR can corrupt things if you have a blank record in the GL_Bank table).

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    Thanks for your replies. Before trying it, since when going into the Rebuild Sort Files feature it said it should only be done at the suggestion of a customer rep. I had emailed a consultant to ensure I didn't change anything other than what was intended.

    His advice was to use the utility under Bank Rec called "Recalculate Outstanding Entries Totals." The summary tables were affected by environmental issues and didn't get written to properly. By hitting the utility feature it then showed the same balance on both and I was able to reconcile after entering a necessary adjustment since an entry hadn't been captured, but was cleared.