Bank feed does not work with Bank Reconciliation

We have started using Bank Feed to get bank transactions into Bank Rec to clear items.  When we download the Bank Feed it imports all transactions not previously downloaded.  When we want to do the Bank rec for a month (October) we don't start until the following month (in November).  Bank feed downloads all transactions not imported and marks them as cleared.  We now have November transactions marked as cleared when doing the October Reconciliation.  We have to unclear all the November transactions in order to complete the October Bank Rec correctly.  Then, we must manually clear the November transactions again when doing the November transactions.  This over complicates the Bank Reconciliation process and renders the Bank Feeds feature less useful for clearing items from the bank.

Is there a way to limit the download from Bank Feeds by date cleared?  That way we can download only items that cleared for the month we are reconciling.  If not, how are you supposed to do a bank rec when using the Bank Feeds feature?